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Right-to-Die Activist Sean Davison Released from 3-Years House Arrest

“I am not a murderer. I have done my time. But I did not commit a crime,"” states Sean Davison, on the steps of the Western Cape High Court, after his release from 3-years House Arrest on June 20, 2022.

Davison helped three men who were suffering, with no hope of recovery, to die.

“I helped three men to die, three men suffering unbearably with no hope of recovery. Three men desperate to die, and three men incapable of ending their own lives. For that, the court finds me a murderer. I am not a murderer. I'm not a criminal. The time has come to change the law, to have a good law, a law that is compassionate and kind and does not confuse euthanasia with murder.”

Davison insists:

“It's about the fact that other people will find themselves in the same position that I was, in the same position as the three men I helped to die. And surely, in a civilized country, a person suffering unbearably with no hope of recovery can say, ‘No, thank you. I've had enough. I want to die with dignity.’ And our society should respect it.”

Davison does not resent the authorities:

“I'm not at all angry with the police or the court. The police did their job. They were told to arrest. The court sentenced me - they were told to think according to the law - but I am very disappointed with the politicians. The politicians were fearful of engaging in an issue that was too controversial. It's time they realized the suffering in our country and start engaging in the debate, the discussion, and doing something about changing the law. Other countries around the world are changing it.”

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu supported Davison in 2018:

“Not only did he support me every step of my journey, but he was instrumental in opening the eyes of the world to the issues of dying and the need to change the law. In his honor, I will continue working for his wish to change the law.”


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