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It is with much joy that I am launching Blue Danube's Chaya's Angels: A Spiritual Journey with Down Syndrome. My memoir, Traveling In and Out of Heaven, is the story of my brother's five-month battle against esophageal cancer, and his daughter’s treacherous betrayal. The 2018 updated edition of To Gently Leave This Life: The Right to Die, is available with new chapters. Blue Danube published Sean Davison's heart-rending memoir, The Last Waltz: Love, Death & Betrayal. Sean helped his terminally-ill mother to die because she could no longer stand the pain.  In June 2019, Sean was sentenced to three years of House Arrest in Cape Town, South Africa, for assisting in the suicides of three men in excruciating pain, to gently leave this life.

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Blue Danube Publishing

Elaine Feuer is the CEO of Blue Danube Publishing.

Chaya's Angels: A Spiritual Journey with Down Syndrome, written by Chaya Ben Baruch and Elaine Feuer,  describes  the uniqueness and joy that Chaya and her husband, Yisroel, have experienced as parents of children experiencing Downs. The authors aspire to open the hearts of people, across the globe. When Chaya Ben Baruch gave birth to her sixth child, a son with Down syndrome, she led her family on a spiritual journey, moving from Alaska to Israel, and adopting more children with special needs, on the way. Whether she’s watching her son with Downs marry her adopted daughter with Downs, or fighting for the rights of all special needs children, life is never dull. Chaya even managed to find time to donate a kidney, leaving everyone to wonder, “What’s next?” Ghandi wrote: “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest.” Join Chaya and her family on their enchanting odyssey. The world needs this heart-rending story, more than ever!


Elaine Feuer's memoir, Traveling In and Out of Heaven, is the story of her brother’s five-month battle against esophageal cancer, encompassing: the profound love between a brother and sister as they struggle with the torment of an unbearable illness; the love and support of family and friends; and the treacherous betrayal of a daughter. The poignant and agonizing issues in this narrative are circumstances that readers could encounter at some point in their lifetime: an unsigned medical proxy; next-of-kin power over medical decisions; life support; and a duplicitous legal petition. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop! 


Elaine is the author of To Gently Leave This Life: The Right To Die, which explores the right-to-die movement and the human tragedies, such as Karen Quinlan’s difficult death, that precipitated assisted dying legislation in six states in the U.S., Canada, and in several countries in Europe. Dr. Faye Girsh, Hemlock Society & Final Exit Network Founder, describes the book as "an excellent history of the contemporary right to die movement." Patients living in these states and countries have the option of choosing assisted death if their suffering becomes unbearable.  


Elaine also wrote the critically acclaimed exposé, Innocent Casualties: The FDA’s War Against Humanity – which is now available in its fourth edition as an eBook: Irene Alleger, editor for Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients wrote: “Innocent Casualties manages to make the blood boil in righteous anger, because it makes the FDA’s abuse of power so personal…  Ms. Feuer takes the reader step-by-step through the nonsensical tactics, deceit, and police mentality.”  


Blue Danube recently published an enthralling new memoir, The Last Waltz: Love, Death & Betrayal by Professor Sean Davison. In 2006, Sean cared for his terminally ill mother, Pat Ferguson (a psychiatrist), during the final three months of her life. The Last Waltz is a true story about the extraordinary love between a mother and son, and how their informed decisions lead to unforeseen consequences: A sister betrays her brother; a son is charged with murder; Archbishop Desmond Tutu requests bail, igniting a public debate about voluntary euthanasia and the right-to- die in South Africa, New Zealand, and in countries across the globe.


Elaine has worked in the medical division of Little, Brown & Company and freelanced as a research and development coordinator for a variety of film and television projects, including the critically acclaimed films, Imagine: John Lennon; 25 x 5: The Continuing Adventure of the Rolling Stones; Elvis: The Great Performances; Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women. Elaine obtained history and criminal law degrees – “Graduating With Distinction” – from the University of Toronto; received “Academic Excellence in Editing” from the University of Massachusetts, Boston; and was an “Ontario Scholar.”

Sex in the 21st Century: Are Emails Hotter Than Sex is available on this website and on Amazon/Kindle.


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