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When Evil Came Knocking At Our Door: COVID-19, Hamas & the Evolution of Murder

In January 2017, at a meeting with the Globalists, Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted a “Plandemic” during the Trump Administration. There is no question that a bat was taken into a lab and a bat virus was manipulated by scientists, until it metamorphosed into a transmissible and deadly pandemic. Dr. Fauci forbade treatments that cure COVID-19 – therapies that would have curtailed the pandemic in the spring of 2020. Instead, while the elderly and people with comorbidities were intentionally left to die, the world was forced to wait for “fast-track” vaccines. At the direction of the Department of Defense, Dr. Fauci, Big Pharma, and the Globalists colluded to make experimental vaccines and trillions of dollars. COVID vaccines have killed 100s of 1000s of people worldwide. There are more COVID vaccine injuries in the U.S. than people who died from the disease. Seventy-four percent of new cancers are in Americans who took the vaccines: pathologists are stunned to witness turbo cancers that did not exist before COVID. Big Tech and the mainstream media have conspired with Fauci and public health institutions, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, and Novavax to fabricate, insisting that the vaccines are safe when the truth is that vaccine and booster mandates caused 61,000 excess deaths of the millennial generation after the first year of vaccine mandates - their own Vietnam War. Athletes are dropping dead from cardiac events on the fields all over the world. Young healthy people are dying of vaccine induced myocarditis - annihilated by heart attacks in their sleep. Scientists have no way of determining how many people will perish due to these perilous vaccines, since there are no long term studies. School age children have been inoculated when not one healthy child has died of COVID. Big Pharma is vaccinating 6-month-olds – jeopardizing the lives of our babies. In Nazi Germany, ordinary people murdered innocent human beings. In the 21st Century, ordinary people are once again murdering the innocent. Most doctors defied their oath "to do no harm" - practicing "therapeutic nihilism" by not providing early treatments to their patients. Most doctors defied their Hippocratic Oath by telling patients to take an experimental vaccine. We have been witnessing the intentional slaughter of millions and possibly billions of people due to mRNA Gene injections. This is the most dangerous time in human history - crimes against humanity - as the Globalists ascend to govern the planet. Humanity must rise against extermination, bring back the U.S. Constitution and adjudicate these diabolical villains in a Nuremberg II Tribunal. (2)_edited.j
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 Traveling In and Out of Heaven, is the story of my brother’s five-month battle against esophageal cancer, encompassing: the profound love between a brother and sister as they struggle with the torment of an unbearable illness; the love and support of family and friends; and the treacherous betrayal of a daughter. She exploited her next-of-kin status, threatening to end Allan’s life when he still had a chance of surviving, to inherit his Life Insurance Trust.  And then she did the unspeakable. It is with heartfelt forewarning, that I advise readers to ascertain end-of-life options, to avoid the adjunct anguish that engulfed my life as my brother’s medical proxy (which he had inadvertently forgot to sign), and as Executor of his Estate. The poignant and agonizing issues in this narrative are circumstances that readers could encounter at some point in their lifetime: an unsigned medical proxy; next-of-kin power over medical decisions; life support; and a duplicitous legal petition. Join me on this journey of love, heartbreak, and malevolence. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop!


     Welcome to the 2018 Updates Edition for To Gently Leave This Life. For people who are suffering from a terminal or incurable illness, the option of a peaceful passing is the issue at the forefront of modern society. Assessing the quality of life, and allowing patients who suffer from debilitating pain and dependence on others to gently leave this life, gives people a dignified alternative. Five years ago, when I was researching and writing the first edition of To Gently Leave This Life, I anticipated many more states and countries to have enacted assisted dying legislation by now. Only six states and the District of Columbia have passed Death With Dignity laws. Only one more country, Canada, has legalized voluntary euthanasia. 

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      Elaine Feuer





January 2023