To Gently Leave This Life - Reviews



Faye Girsh, President

 World Federation of Right to Die Societies

To Gently Leave This Life: The Right to Die is an excellent handbook for those who are living through the struggle now, and those new to the fight who are just realizing what could be in store for them when there is no way out of a prolonged, agonizing death. Elaine Feuer has succeeded in compiling the progress of the right-to-die movement in her carefully researched, helpfully illustrated, easily read short volume. This overview explains, especially to the naive reader, what the human tragedies were that precipitated changes in the law toward further control by patients to control their own deaths. She presents the safeguards and the modest use of these laws to reduce suffering at the end of life and the arguments against these changes. Right-to-die advocates around the world are moving fast, making it hard to keep such a book up-to-date, but Feuer has worked assiduously to make her information as accurate as possible, to demonstrate the importance of people being able to have more say about when and how the end will come.


      Erna Grinjesch 

    EG’s Reality Press 


To Gently Leave This Life is an excellent representation of a huge crisis, leaving me with an understanding and urgency to take action, or to somehow make end-of-life decisions more visible to humanity.

A very powerful and moving book. At times I had tears and could feel the pain and the plea for compassion from these people, who are either terminally ill or suffering from an incurable disease. All of these voices not heard from, but crying in anguish all the same.

Elaine Feuer thoroughly covers the facts and situations of real people, expressed objectively yet profoundly, with information anyone can relate to and understand. It is time to help humanity with this heartfelt book, which needs to be brought into the light and to readers all over the world.




Sean Crowley, Media Relations Manager

Compassion & Choices

Elaine Feuer’s book, To Gently Leave This Life: The Right To Die, is a quick, must read for anyone who wants to understand the history of the movement. People like Elaine who have watched a loved one die a painful, slow death do not want anyone else to suffer a similar fate. But the fight to secure the legal Right-To-Die with dignity, peacefully, in every state requires that we all get educated and motivated to ensure it happens. Reading To Gently Leave This Life is a crucial first step in that education and motivation process.


           Ken Leonard, Final Exit Network    


An excellent way to help spread the word about the Right-To-Die movement. Another good way is to join the Final Exit Network and get involved. The few of us that feel strongly about having a free choice in determining how much suffering we are willing to tolerate, should be writing letters to the media and doing everything we can to fight the religious right who wish to impose their beliefs on us.



                                             Cafoxxyy, Amazon/Kindle Review

To Gently Leave This Life is a very compassionate and relevant book for the 21st Century. I could feel the agony of the terminally ill, forced to live in pain and without dignity until their very last second. All of us will be faced with end-of-life decisions, and after reading this book I know that I want the right to decide on how I leave this life.