The Last Waltz - Reviews




Absorbed From The First Sentence!

  Erna Grinjesch – EG’s Reality Press (NYC) 


Where do I begin? This book hit me on so many personal levels. I, too, am a caregiver. I finished the book, but somehow still find myself feeling the story over and over again. Both of these extraordinary people gave me a continued hope that we treat each other with respect, dignity and love. They got it right. Compassion makes me cry and I cried many times feeling the love they shared. It broke my heart, and yet the strength of this man’s caring, while reaching his own breaking point many times over, never lost the courage to abide his mother’s wish. His actions took real courage and determination on his part. Words of admiration fall short for Sean. He is a hero in compassion, truth, and doing the right thing at all costs. We all need to address these issues they were confronted with. We all have loved ones we care for. Suffering should not be in our reality. More attention needs to be paid here. It is time to wake up and start thinking, and moving into action on many different legislative levels. We are behind globally, really behind the times.




       A Once in a Lifetime Book!



The Last Waltz: Love, Death & Betrayal is the story of a love affair between a terminally ill mother and son. Beautifully written, Sean Davison asks why people who are suffering from debilitating pain and dependence on others must live in agony until their very last breath. And the story doesn’t stop there. Get the book!  




     A Gripping, Tragic, and All Too Human Story

      Gavin Landreth, The Weekend Star (South Africa)


From the very first line in the book, you know what is going to happen in the pages to follow. Or think you do. The author is losing his 85-year-old mother to cancer.  Catching the earliest flight possible to New Zealand, where she lives, he prepares for what is clearly a sad event. Her children come from different corners of the world to bid their farewells to this extraordinary woman.  Stories and anecdotes are woven around and through the central series of events towards her death: intense and intriguing sibling rivalry, deception, responsibility, quirky characters, and an oblivious cat all add to the rich fabric of this book.  The dark story is studded with wit and brutal honesty.  As her principal caregiver and protector, the author is faced with daily decisions and dilemmas, culminating in the most devastating of all: can he, as is her wish, put an end to her suffering? Can he kill her? And the drama is just beginning… The Last Waltz is gripping, tragic, and real, and will resonate with everyone who has had a loved one dying and suffering until the bitter end.




  A Fast Moving Drama That You Can’t Put Down!

      Loretta Branch, The Saturday Herald, New Zealand    


The Last Waltz is fraught with so much drama and shocking twists – you literally cannot put this book down – it’s THAT GOOD.  I highly recommend it, since most of us will be faced with the same decisions that Pat and Sean were faced with. Not only will this book encourage dinner-table debates, it could also play a role in changing laws so that people can have a choice to decide how and when they are going to die, when they are suffering.