Innocent Casualties - Reviews

Innocent Casualties is a fascinating book that blows the whistle on the FDA.  

Dr. Ronald Hoffman, “Health Talk” - WOR Radio

Innocent Casualties documents the government’s 30-year war on alternative healing that may be costing hundreds of thousands of Americans the access to the very medicines that can save their lives.  

“The Natural Activist” - Citizens For Health

Though this sounds like an Oliver Stone movie, truth proves again to be stranger than fiction! Watergate… Irangate… Whitewatergate… Innocent Casualties opens up the FDA’s own “gate”, and what’s there isn’t pretty. Feuer did an outstanding job with her meticulous research! 

Marianne J. Zale - Palo Verde Valley Times

Innocent Casualties manages to make the blood boil in righteous anger, because it makes the FDA’s abuse of power so personal…Ms. Feuer takes the reader step-by-step through the nonsensical tactics, deceit, and police mentality.  

Irene Alleger Townsend - Letter for Doctors & Patients



Innocent Casualties is a harrowing expose of the FDA’s war against any non-drug alternative… Inexpensive cures are fought with every weapon at their disposal, and they have their own swat teams. Get the book.  

Wayne Green, Ph.D. - 73 Magazine

Innocent Casualties is one of the most fascinating revelations of the FDA which I have encountered. It reads like frightening fiction. Unfortunately, it is fact. Elaine Feuer discloses the cunning and underhanded means used by the FDA to appear to be serving the people while actually abetting the cause of the international drug cartel. 

James F. Scheer - Health Freedom News

Read Innocent Casualties and get rightfully outraged by the FDA’s inexcusable attack on American health. Feuer gives the reader ample and shocking documentation to make the case that our so-called food and drug regulatory office has become an “undercover dictatorship” specializing in police tactics.  

Sandra Weinstein - Alternative Medicine Digest

Innocent Casualties is the perfect reference for the grassroots activist, as it provides the reader with documented evidence of recent FDA harassment and abuse of powers.  

William H. Dailey, Esq. – Healthworld Online

Elaine Feuer goes where few dare to travel in her exciting expose of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. This is journalistic reporting the way it was meant to be! 

Reality Press

Elaine Feuer is an example of the proverbial “one person” that sometimes emerges from ordinary life to take on an injustice…Innocent Casualties uncovers the FDA’s long-standing desire to put the entire nutritional supplement industry in the U.S. out of business, while at the same time allowing multinational pharmaceutical companies to sell dangerous prescription drugs.  

Mark Conlan – Zengers

Stories of FDA abuse of authority and conflict of interest abound in a controversial but thoroughly researched and documented new book by Elaine Feuer. Innocent Casualties reads like a crime thriller!  

Barbara Clarke – Bodega Navigator



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