Traveling In and Out of Heaven

"A gripping book that takes the reader on a dramatic rollercoaster ride!"

                     Peter Davis, Davis Reviews


       This exceptional book is much more than a touching story of a sister’s love for her dying brother; it also describes the dramatic and tragic family dynamics that took place behind the back of the dying brother.  There is a brutal sub-plot revealing the tragedy of his only daughter and ex-wife reaching for his estate before he dies, and even planning to hasten his death. This is a gripping story with the reader feeling like they are on a dramatic rollercoaster ride.  Although the story is intense, it is laced with delightful humor to give the reader a chance to catch their breath. 


    This book is also a subtle but scathing criticism of the American health care system, that leaves the reader wondering how much control they have over their own health, and ultimately, over their own death, if they are in a similar position as the author and her brother. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a family. You are in for the ride of your life!


 "A Life Cherished"


Amazon Review

     This is a very important book. It should be read by everyone who doesn't have a signed medical directive. It tells the story of a sister that tried to save her brother's life against all odds; even the daughter wanting to "pull the plug" to get the life insurance benefit. It's a story of her struggle to find the best treatment for her brother when doctors refused to discuss anything but chemotherapy and radiation. This book might save you a lot of heartache by guiding you to make the correct decisions and to fight for what you believe is fair and right.



An Amazing Book!

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  This is an amazing book, with life-threatening medical and legal issues that could occur in anyone’s life. You cannot read this book without checking your own Will, to make sure that you have chosen the person you want to make decisions for you, if you are incapacitated, and to make sure that you have signed that form.


      From the beautiful poem at the beginning, to the very last page, I reacted viscerally to every moment experienced by the author, because she makes you feel as if you are a part of her story.  At times it is devastatingly sad, yet there are many hilarious moments, due to her depiction of arrogant doctors and vicious and conniving relatives. The story moves so quickly, that I couldn’t put it down. Traveling In and Out of Heaven is a loving tribute to the author’s brother, but don’t be surprised if you fall in love with the author, because I did.

  "One piece of unsigned paper can   dramatically impact our survival."                                                                                                     EG's Reality Press


     Why is it when we need the most love and understanding from our family, one family member challenges and destroys all the Author has diligently researched to save her brother's life. One piece of paper not signed made a dramatic impact on the lives of so many, bringing into focus the importance of documentation that needs to be signed in advance before a serious illness.

    It's a beautifully written story about the love between a brother and sister. It still makes me cry and it still makes me angry and sad about people we think we know and trust, our family.

I was riveted by this book!"

                     Rose Redmond

                        R&R Book Reviews

     I was riveted to this book!  I could not stop reading it!  It made me feel like I was right there, experiencing what the author was going through. The story is beautifully written, with some poetry intermixed with pros. Elaine was an amazing sister: no one could have done more than she did, and it was such a huge loss. She is also one strong cookie and a powerful adversary. You will see the best and worst of human nature. That daughter will have someone treat her the way she treated her aunt and father.  That would be divine justice.  What goes around comes around.  


     It is an incredible book and I have learned so much.  Some of the doctors in the book are arrogant bastards.  I have dealt with that type before.  They think they are God and we should accept their opinions without question.  I can assure you, that every reader will be doing their own research, after reading this inspiring book. I can see this narrative becoming a movie, because readers will feel that they are alongside the author, from the first page to the last.  I highly recommend it!